Top 3 FREE KDP Niche Research Tools and Tutorial

Top 3 FREE KDP Niche Research Tools and Tutorial

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When start a KDP building publishing business and creating online earnings the first step is niche research to find those low content books which are profitable. It’s essential this is the first step rather than spending time and resources on books for which there is no market. It is important to find out what customers want and are buying and simply give it to them. There are many tools to help with KDP Amazon niche research but in this video I give you my top 3 which are actually free to use. This is ideal for those starting out in the KDP publishing business as well as seasoned publishers. I give you a guide to how to use these tools as well as the principles and methods of finding and researching those profitable low content niches.

Tools and Resources I use:

Creative Fabrica:
Publisher Rocket: https://marlcb–
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About this video – This video looks at my top 3 free KDP low content niche research tools to find profitable books and increase online earnings.


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