Stop Losing Sales with this COOL KDP Tool – Grammarly Review

Stop Losing Sales with this COOL KDP Tool – Grammarly Review

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One of the biggest reasons I see for losing Amazon KDP sales, apart from cover design, is poor grammar, punctuation and spelling in the title, subtitle and description of low content books. A great looking book can often experience a reduction in sales or even no sales at all because of these issues. They make the book look unprofessional and of poor quality. When the main markets for KDP no content and low content books is the US, UK and Canada it pays to have properly formatted titles and descriptions. In this video, I review a free app called Grammarly. This simple Chrome plugin allows you to correct most punctuation, spelling and grammar errors quickly and efficiently and so increasing your chance to make sales and collect royalties. I show real-life examples of Grammarly in use with already published books and how improvements can be made almost instantly. If you have issues with correct grammar or English isn’t your first language then this video review is a must-watch.

Words not to capitalize in title and subtitle: the, and, with, of, a, to, for.

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About this video – This video reviews Grammarly and how to use it to correct spelling, punctuation and grammar in your low content book listings.


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