Q&A Thursday Episode 8

You’ve got “Q”s, and I’ve got “A”s!

Join me for my weekly Q&A session, where I answer all of your low-content publishing related questions. Watch on my Facebook page, or right here on YouTube.

Today’s questions:

1. How do I get my books on the first page of search results?
2. Should I monitor the BSR for several days before validating the book?
3. What royalty amount should I target, and what impacts printing costs?
4. Can I choose an Amazon Browse category that is not part of the Books department?
5. How many books should I publish initially to “prove” a niche, and then how many more should I publish if it’s successful?
6. Should I un-publish a book that gets a bad review, and then republish it under another title?
7. Is there any way to upload more than one book at a time?
8. Should I set up an email account for each pen name?


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