Q&A Thursday Episode 12

Your low-content publishing-related questions, answered!

Today I answer:

1. Should you swap out keywords for the holiday season?
2. Can you include links to other books in your description?
3. Should I use as many keywords as possible in my title information, or use shorter titles that target specific keywords
4. How much does the primary marketplace matter?
5. If you type in the wrong author name, can you fix it?


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MORE LOW-CONTENT PUBLISHING TIPS: https://www.rachelharrisonsund.com/


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Are You Doing Too Much?

Your impact matters, and so does your personal sustainability. Here are 3 ways to keep having impact without compromising yourself.

How To Build Confidence In Business

Being confident is not something that you’re born with, or that you can learn from a book. It is something you can learn from experiencing success, though.

How To Get Good Customer Reviews

Once you set up an automated process for generating positive customer reviews, you’ll get a lot more reviews just because you’re asking. But, if you also over deliver just a little so that your clients and customers feel like shouting “wow” they’re also likely to leave very positive reviews.

The One Skill You Must Learn And Master to Succeed

By the time I was born, my mum had a growing “Institute of secretarial studies”. Why she didn’t simply call it School of..

How To Connect With Industry Leaders

Getting the attention of industry leaders is not that much different from getting engagement from any audience. You must appeal to them in their language using the words, images, and values that they care about.

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