Puzzle Book Tutorial | Making Puzzles

How to make a puzzle book:
Time Stamps:

1:30 – Connect 4
3:37 – Obstruction
6:11 – Bulls & Cows
9:06 – Pong Hau K’i
13:23 – Bonus Tip
13:52 – Custom Dice

Have you been wondering how to make a puzzle book? Are you already making puzzles but would like to learn some new fun puzzle interiors? Well today I’m doing another puzzle book tutorial, so stick around:

In a previous video I talked about making puzzle books and I even showed you how to make a few different puzzle types, hopefully leading to puzzles that sell well for you.

Now, I’ve been selling puzzle books for over a year and I’ve found them to be one of the most versatile and evergreen products I’ve created to date. With that said, obviously I can’t make you any guarantees as to how well your puzzle books will sell, but to help you as much as I can, today I’ll be showing you a whole new set of fun puzzle pages. So, I’m going to flip the screen and we’re going to start making more puzzles:

Perhaps you’re looking for a few traditional puzzle book pages to include in your new puzzle book. Classic puzzle interiors like tic tac toe, hangman and the dot game, with a few new puzzles sprinkled in. Then check out this link and you’ll see the previous puzzle book tutorial I did. Or you can check out this video that youtube has lined up for you.

I’ll catch in the next video and remember to write right.
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