Puzzle Book Series | Intro to Puzzle Books

Have you been wondering how to make a puzzle book? Is making puzzles on your to-do list but you don’t know where to start? Well you’re in luck because I’m about to start a new Saturday Series all about Puzzle Books. I’m going to start this puzzle book series by answering some of the most common questions. So stick around for this Intro to puzzle books:

In this intro to puzzle books video, I cover:
What are puzzle books?
Are puzzle books no content books?
Why make puzzle books?
Should I use puzzle creation software or make my own?
Where can I sell puzzle books?

In this puzzle book series, I’m going to show you the puzzle book research I do, show you how to make puzzle book interiors yourself, give you a tutorial on some puzzle book software and I’ll even show you a few additions I make to the covers my cover designer makes that makes them stand out even more.

Now, if you want to get a jump on making puzzle book pages, then you can check out this previous video I did where I show how to make some classic puzzle interiors like tic tac toe, hangman and the dot game, with a few new puzzles sprinkled in. Or you can check out this video that youtube has lined up for you.

I’ll catch in the next video and remember to write right.
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Let me know what you thought of the video in the comments below.

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