PROFITABLE Amazon Ads Tutorial for KDP No Content and Low Content Books

PROFITABLE Amazon Ads Tutorial for KDP No Content and Low Content Books

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In this video, the third in a series on making money online using Amazon Ads for low content book publishing, we look at manual ads for both keyword targeting and product targeting. I show you how to create ads and minimize risks of losing money. I explain what parameters to look at to monitor the ads to make sure they break even or make a small profit with the ultimate aim of boosting your book’s organic ranking. If you’ve published no content and low content books but not making any sales then using Amazon Ads may be a way to get those sales and boost your books ranking on the Amazon search pages. This could then lead to persistent sales in the future, even without running Ads. I simplify the process as much as possible in this tutorial so that you can come to grips with Ads and start creating them yourself quickly and with minimal fuss.

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About this video – This video shows you how to create manual Amazon Ads for your no content and low content books to make sales and create profits.


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