Niches for Amazon KDP ? – List of 15000 book ideas!

Hi Home Bosses
Niches for Amazon KDP ? – List of 15000 book ideas!
This video is a follow up to the last video about the 5 main niches that people spend money in. In this video I am explaining how to niche down to have a better chance of ranking in Amazon and offering you the chance to buy a list of over 15000 (yes, really!) niches or book ideas that you can use to prepare for Q4 or for any time that you want to increase your book shelf inventory. Use the code homeboss2020 to get the list for half the price (normal price $5.99).

🔻Please also note that not all niching combinations are suitable, for example, it wouldn’t be suitable to make a weight loss planner for young children. For some of the combinations you have to use your common sense and decide if the combination is a good idea.

Hope you enjoy the video, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments. See you again soon!

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