Niche Research 3: Keyword Research Tips

Hello friends! Welcome to the Low-Content Publishing For Beginners Video Series.

In this video I’m going to share a few extra tips to maximize your keyword research, without using any fancy tools.

Remember, keyword research is the most critical action you can take to increase your book’s visibility in the Amazon store, without resorting to paid advertising, so you definitely want to get this right!


3 Steps to Publishing Your First Low-Content Book in Less Than a Day:



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Why Entrepreneurs Starting at 50+ Have a High Success Rate

It may seem like starting young is the best way to build a successful business, today more than ever. After all, when you’re young you have nothing to lose and a lot of energy to spend, and since your whole life is ahead of you, you can afford to make mistakes and learn from them. But starting older isn’t bad either.

How to Get Started With Social Media for the 50-60-Something Entrepreneur

When you see the title of this article, some of you may be saying, ‘what do you mean, how do I get started with social media, like it’s some big secret?’ To some, it might sound like a silly question as most people just dive into a platform and begin making posts. Now imagine if you will, that you’re a 50 or 60-something new entrepreneur.

The Advantages of the 50-60 Something Entrepreneur

Today, when younger entrepreneurs get so much media attention, it may seem that they have a head start, but in fact, there are twice as many successful entrepreneurs over 50 as under 25 (yeah baby). Apart from life experience, a 50 or 60-something entrepreneur has a couple of other advantages over a young entrepreneur, even if he or she is only starting their first venture. Listed below are just a few reasons why 50+ is a great age for anyone to make his or her dream of being an entrepreneur come true.

Is the D Word Holding You Back? Discipline and Your Business

Even disciplined people say they can’t do discipline well! What is it about self discipline that’s so scary? Entrepreneurs tend to be motivated at least partially by self-determination, our ability to decide how our time and energy will be used.

Entrepreneurs Need ONE Thing To Succeed – Survivability

Entrepreneur is the new “rock star” and as such hoards of under-prepared and ill-equipped people are trying their hands at what they “think” are things that will create massive wealth either for themselves or loved ones. Unfortunately, reality is much different – entrepreneurship requires a will of iron and the ability to do many different things well. One of those is the key to all of its potential success – survivability.

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