New Free KDP Low Content Book Course And Escape To Bamboo Mountain

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I hope you are doing well during this pandemic, I’m holding up well in the country side with my family.

I’m putting together a little KDP low content book course to help you make money online.

Thanks for watching my update on the new low content book course I’m coming out with.

Crowdfunding Equity Investment: Raising Money for Your Business From Investors

Learn how to work with investors to fund the growth of your company through the sale of shares. New crowd funding regulations, new investment platforms enable startups and accredited investors to find one another more easily, cost effectively, and profitably than ever before.

Spotlight on Success Radio Interview With Steve Harger

Steve Harger might seem at first meeting to be a southern boy who works hard, lives honest and who you might also not think is a highly successful business person. Well, you would be wrong. Steve grew up when he was eight years old and he had to collect “pop bottles” so he and his brothers, left by mom then Grandma died, could pay the bills at the house. My favorite quote from Steve Harger, “Build your own damn dream, not your bosses!”

Are You Entrepreneur Ready?

At some point in all of our lives we have entertained the idea of starting our own business. To help you decide if you are ready to take the risk and become an entrepreneur, I have listed three important questions you should ask yourself.

How to Work Out Business Deals

When evaluating the cost/benefits of a collaboration in business you must consider your values, your time, and the opportunity cost. Here are some tips on how to work out a business deal.

5 Surprising Reasons That Successful People Work

Your first thought is money… I work for money. But wait -think for just a minute or 2 about what you just said, would you?

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