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The Customer May Always Be Right, But Are They Right for You?

There are some sayings in business and in life that do not stack up when you try to make them a definite rather than a sometimes. This saying ‘The customer is always right’ needs to be investigated further. After all, you do have to work with these people.

Niching Is An Essential Marketing Strategy

If you market to everyone, you are marketing to no one. Niching is the best way to find your ideal clients. This article tells you why and how to find your perfect niche.

The MBA Who Sold Vada Pav’s to India – Dheeraj Gupta

We live in a country where our future professions are decided based on our highest education. So, if you studied engineering, it is assumed you would be making software. If you studied hotel management, you would be an hotelier and if you did an MBA, it is believed you would be working at a managerial position in a multinational corporation. But, Dheeraj Gupta was going to break these stereotypes.

Overcoming Common Entrepreneur Problems

There are many things that you can learn from being persistent. Find out how to breath life into your vision. Adapt essential tips to move your business forward and keep it on course.

The New Economy of Entrepreneurship: How the Computer Age Has Changed How We Earn a Living, Part 5

Eric Worre, entrepreneur, researcher, and film maker, related the conclusions of his most recent documentary, Rise of the Entrepreneur, “In our search for a better way to make a living, we’ve come to the conclusion, that becoming an entrepreneur is actually safer than being an employee. And through our look at the entrepreneurial options, one particular path kept coming up from expert after expert. And I think most people will find it surprising, because it’s certainly a non-traditional business model. That model is for people to start their own business and become an entrepreneur through the creation of a network marketing business.”

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