Make Money Online Selling Printables Case Study And Guide

Here is how to make money online selling printables out of your ecommerce store. You can sell printables out of etsy or out of your very own website.

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Remember, when selling printables online or any other digital product, it’s important that you match what people are looking for online. Your job is to create it and give it to them at a fair price.

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Free World? Or Just A Change in Indentured Servitude – Why Do We Participate in the Daily Grind?

As I sit and participate in the daily ebb and flow of humanity from the suburbs to the core of the metropolis near where I live, I watch the winding traffic (not moving at all) while I sit on a commuter train packed in like the cattle corporate America would have us believe we are. At what point did we trade the relative freedom of the entrepreneurial age in exchange for the self imposed (or at least indoctrinated) lifestyle that amounts to us slaving away for a faceless corporation that we see through the eyes of…

The Meaning of Entrepreneurial Spirit

What a phrase “Entrepreneurial Spirit” – it conveys so many different thoughts and images… but while there are many interpretations, I perceive entrepreneurial spirit as: The essence of work that one endeavours to provide through their intentions and abilities More plainly, it seems that successful entrepreneurs always possess 2 attributes: 1. They possess the creative ability, mindset and desire to work through obstacles with a beneficial result. 2. They find opportunities where others see problems. All people encounter difficulties in life, many of which are beyond our control. The vocation that individuals decide to embark on is always fraught with challenges, but this is more pronounced with those whom desire to become entrepreneurs. The state of “becoming an entrepreneur” is not easily attained and it takes perseverance and commitment in order to realize the outcome of being successful, whatever form that it takes. The difference between the successful entrepreneur and those whom struggle…

Do I Really Need a Business Plan for My Business?

Most successful businesses have created a business plan at some point, usually before their start-up. Why? A business plan is needed to address all of the central components to starting a business. It is essential to make sure that you, as a new entrepreneur have carefully thought through many if not all, of the important components of your business. Ideally, you need to do this BEFORE starting your business. What is a business plan? Business plans are generally prepared for two reasons: 1. To obtain financing for the business 2. To help determine if essential components of starting a business have been considered. Often times with new entrepreneur’s (and sometimes even with the more experienced!) they overlook certain aspects of starting a business. So the business plan helps to ensure that most, if not all reasonable questions have been answered and strategies thought about. Although business plans are often considered optional – they serve a vital importance to entrepreneurs.

Mindset and Personal Qualities of Successful Entrepreneurs

There are certain attributes, personal qualities and mindset that may be found in many successful business owners. While there is no real “list” of these attributes that will guarantee success, the following certainly have held true over time as mindset and qualities that help to enhance and encourage success. How many do you possess?

Importance of Entrepreneurship Skills

If you don’t know how to properly manage a business and know about universal business skills that ALL successful businesses know about – Fortune 500 companies to the smallest solo-preneur – then it will be an uphill battle as you try to start or progress forward with your business. It may be tempting to “think” you know these skills, but really – it is an illusion for many entrepreneurs. Unless you have a formal background AND some good experience with using business skills in a practical and applicable way, they are of little value to you.

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