KDP Low and No Content Journals How to Create a Cover and Interior in Less than 5 Minutes

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A quick summary:

In this video I go over the quickest way to create a cover and Interior for your low or no content notebooks and journals on the KDP platform. This is all achieved easily with the help of Book Bolt (LINK BELOW).

Utilizing this fantastic tool we are able to create a cover formatted perfectly for KDP with no headache. You can watch in this video as I upload one of my designs and download the finished cover in under 4 minutes.

Interiors are even easier. Book Bolt and Tangent Templates both offer tons of pre-made interior designs that we can just download without any formatting.


My Favorite Tools & Resources:
★Merch Informer (Ultimate Research): https://merchinformer.com/427.html
★Book Bolt (Ultimate Research for KDP): https://bookbolt.io/166.html

KDP Templates: https://kdp.amazon.com/en_US/cover-templates?ref_=kdp_ts_pb_cov
Tangent Templates: https://templates.tangent.rocks/
AMZ Suggestion Expander: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/amz-suggestion-expander/cpeaihkccbeemkfefcapijechkbfjlhb?hl=en
MerchInformer: https://merchinformer.com/427.html
Sonar: http://sonar-tool.com/us/
Keywordtool: https://keywordtool.io/amazon
Google Ads (Keyword Planner): https://ads.google.com/home/


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