KDP Keyword Research Guide for No Content and Low Content Books – Keyword Search Tips

KDP Keyword Research Guide for No Content and Low Content Books – Keyword Search Tips

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Keywords are the lifeblood of no content and low content book sales. For any books sales on Amazon for that matter. If you do not do the right keyword research and use the right keywords in the right sales you will simply not make sales no matter how good your no content books are. They will not be found. This video shows you the technique I use to research and find keywords that make sales consistently. It shows you a simple and effective way to capture all the important keywords and analyze them to create titles and subtitles that bring in sales.

Tools and Resources I use:

Creative Fabrica: https://www.creativefabrica.com/ref/379177/
Publisher Rocket: https://marlcb–rocket.thrivecart.com/publisher-rocket/
Helium 10 (50% off and 10% off Deals): https://crushtrk.com/?a=2011&c=188&p=r&s1=

My list of words I use to perform keyword research:

Gag Gift
Gift Ideas
Gift for
Funny Gift for
Cute Gift for
Present for
Leaving Gift for
Farewell Gift for
Keyword for Mom
Keyword for Dad
Keyword for Daughter
Keyword for Son

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About this video – This video explains how I perform KDP keyword research to find the best keywords and analyze them to increase the sales of my books.

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