KDP Amazon Ads Latest Results – Kill or Keep?

KDP Amazon Ads Latest Results – Kill or Keep?

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Running KDP Amazon Ads is a good way to make sales with your books and increase profits. However, they do require close monitoring in order not to lose money. In this video I look at an auto campaign I recently set up and look at the latest results to see whther it is time to kill the ad or keep it running. I run through some of my criteria fro kepping an ad going and making money or stopping it before it starts to lose money. If you are trying to make money at home with your KDP low content books and are eitherr running ads or thinking about running ads then watch this video to find out more.

Tools and Resources I use:

Creative Fabrica: https://www.creativefabrica.com/ref/379177/
Publisher Rocket: https://marlcb–rocket.thrivecart.com/publisher-rocket/
Helium 10 (50% off and 10% off Deals): https://crushtrk.com/?a=2011&c=188&p=r&s1=

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About this video – This video looks at a recent KDP Amazon Ads campaign I started and decide whether to kill the ad or keep it running with the idea of making profits.

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