Important Advice On How To Sell Pintables Online

Recently I had someone in my Facebook group ask me advice on how to sell printables online.

She specifically asked me these following questions.

What theme I use for my ecommerce sites?

Do I offer refunds for my printables?

Do I collect leads for email marketing?

When it comes to your printable eCommerce WordPress theme it really doesn’t matter what theme you use as long as your printable products are above the fold. You don’t want your potential customer to scroll down to see your printables.

As for refunds, I do not offer any refunds for my printables products because too many people take advantage of the nature of digital products. I also make sure to state that I offer no refunds on my printable product sales pages.

I also collect leads because email marketing gives me more control over my traffic and the type of information I can send them.

If you’re interested in creating and selling printables online then watch this video:

Here is a video about the best course (in my opinion) on creating funnels for any type of online niche business:

Thanks again for watching my guide on how to sell printables online.

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