How to Upload Low Content Notebooks to KDP

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A quick summary:
* WHAT YOU NEED TO GET STARTED: We need two pieces to get started with uploading our first low content journal: A cover and the interior. Now for this example I already have a design that I had from my merch by amazon business. Won’t go into getting designs in this video.
* THE COVER: I use photoshop to create my covers.
* KDP cover template:
* Create template
* Add design
* Mention adding text and why this is important
* Save
* THE INTERIOR: I use tangent templates for my interiors. One time fee with tons of different templates. Right now I am mostly doing college ruled interiors
* Book title
* Subtitle
* Author
* Description
* Keywords
* Categories
* Review process takes about 24-48 hours up to 72 hours


My Favorite Tools & Resources:
★Merch Informer (Ultimate Research):
★Book Bolt (Ultimate Research for KDP):

KDP Cover Templates:
HTML Editor for Descriptions:
Book Bolt:


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