How To Upload And SEO Optimize KDP Low Content Books On Amazon

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Elephant Hunting And The Art Of True Marketing

When searching for the term “elephant hunting,” on Google, “Zimbabwe,” “poaching,” and “trophy fees” top the list of results. But scattered among them are a few quotes from business leaders like Warren Buffet alluding to an unfortunate syndrome suffered by many an entrepreneur. As it sounds, elephant hunting is a rich man’s game.

5 Qualities of An Entreprenuer

The journey of an entrepreneur is a rough and tough one, however with the challenges come a sense of fulfillment and achievement. If you are looking to start your entrepreneurial journey, here are 5 qualities of an entrepreneur which you may want to cultivate.

Financial Security For Small Business Owners

Financial security for small business owners comes with following basic success principles. Catholic mom-biz owners know you don’t have to choose between financial security and living your vocation.

3 Keys to Achieve Your Goals And Make Your Business Better Than Ever

When trying to build or improve a business there may be doubts that you can make things happen. You aren’t sure what needs to change or where to start. There are three important keys to achieving your business goals: first assess and align, then move into action.

Landfill Industry Statistics and the Structure and Behaviour of the Landfill Industry

Landfill industry statistics have been remarkably few and inaccurate until recently, and the change toward the collection and use of data providing waste types and quantities as landfill statistical data is only now becoming important. This is due to the fact that governments and industry are starting to see waste as a resource and a valuable commodity worthy of investment, and need good waste flow data on which to base their investments. So, in this article we explain the development of statistics in the landfill industry, and the main influences which need to be understood when interpreting the data.

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