How to Modify a KDP Interior in Powerpoint

How to Modify a KDP Interior in Powerpoint

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There are lots of cool looking interiors that you can purchase online but to stand out from the KDP low content book crowd you really need to modify those interiors to get sales online and avoid any duplicate content penalties. In this video I take a teacher journal interior from Creative Fabrica and show you how to modify it quickly and simply in Powerpoint to create something original that you can use in your low content books and match to your covers to create a cohesive quality product that will attract buyers and get you more sales. If you want to save time creating books then buying interiors is a good way to go. But it is important to modify and change them, even if it’s a small amount.

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About this video – This video looks at how to modify an interior from Creative Fabrica to create a unique and desirable product that will get more sales online.


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