How to merge PDFs of different sizes and make them the same size

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In this video I show you how to use Adobe Acrobat to merge two PDFs and add bleed / make the pages the same size. Try this method if KDP rejects your paperback manuscript file and tells you to add .125″ (3mm) to the page width.

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Entrepreneurship or Workforce? You Choose

How delusional and miserable it would be to try so hard just to remain in the same position year after year. Truthfully many persons struggle with the realization that their life has become nothing more than a revolving door with no way out. This is not the way life is supposed to be. Now I ask again, Entrepreneurship or workforce?, YOU CHOOSE!

Should I Start An Online Business?

When you start an online business, you’ll soon see that it provides many benefits that you don’t have with a traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ business. So, if you’re wondering if you should start an online business, here are a few questions you need to ask yourself first.

Change The Course Of Your Business In The Next 30 Days

Persistence is essential for any goal. If you don’t possess this quality, you will not achieve. Persistence is actually a state of mind, and that means you can cultivate it.

Are You Being a Victim and Don’t Know It?

I have made some financially and emotionally costly mistakes in business. I have chosen business partners that were not a good fit with me, or did not perform. I have enrolled myself in programs that had big promises and did not deliver. I have invested time, energy, and money that did not pay off. I got upset. I blamed them. I was such a victim. That left me so powerless, upset, angry, and defeated.

Always Be Looking to Upgrade Your Business Team

Is your business team the best it can be? Do you wish your team could help you get to the next level?

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