How To Make KDP Low Content Maze And Puzzle Books In 2020

Make more KDP low content books, mazes and puzzles here:

For some reason a lot of people are a little shy to get into Amazon’s KDP low content book business. I know that Amazon doesn’t make it easy with their strict KDP cover templates, luckily there are ways around it.

Important: The resource in the video is not free it was pointed out to me after the video was made that there is a fee to use their mazes:

In my simple to follow guide I show you how to create KDP puzzle books extremely fast. You don’t need any special skills or talent to create these low content books.

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In the guide I provide a maze generator that you can re-purpose to create your lox content maze books. You should also use Canva to put your kdp no-content maze book together.

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Again, thanks for viewing my guide on how to create KDP low content maze and puzzle books in 2020.

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