How To Make A Puzzle Book | Puzzle Book Secrets

Are you looking for some puzzle book secrets? Well, as we start to wrap up this how to make a puzzle book series, I wanted to address the top 10 questions I’ve received when it comes to making puzzles, so stick around:

1. What’s the difference between a puzzle book and an activity book?
2. Should I do an activity book or a puzzle book?
3. How many pages should my puzzle book be?
4. Should I do a puzzle book with all one type of puzzles or multiple types of puzzles
5. Should I do just one book or a series
6. How long should the series be?
7. Should I use the same puzzles and just put on a different cover?
8. How do I sell more puzzle books?
9. What should I put on my cover?
10. Should I do large print puzzles or no?
BONUS: Any final secrets to puzzle book success?

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I’ll catch in the next video and remember to write right.
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