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These are my designs from my professional designer (I own the commercial rights to these) Pick them up for pennies compared to what I paid for them 🙂
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Tools used in the video:
Publisher Rocket https://dmills–
Creative Fabrica


My Awesome Coloring Book Tutorials
How to Make Quotes Coloring Pages in PowerPoint

How to Make Coloring Pages in Picmonkey

How to Make a Coloring Book in PowerPoint

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How to Make a Coloring Book with Unicorns

Thanks for watching How to Make a Coloring Book with Unicorns. In this video I show you how to tap into the unicorns coloring book niche and also show you how you can design unique coloring book interiors with canva and creative fabrica.

I show real methods, not the ones where people tell you that you can make $100 every day by only working 15 minutes per day. Lol, this is not possible and could not be further from the truth.

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I hope you enjoyed How to Make a Coloring Book with Unicorns. Join me next time!

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How to Make Coloring Books for Amazon KDP Low Content Publishing

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