How to Fill in the 7 KDP Backend Keywords – KDP Low Content Book Keyword Strategy

How to Fill in the 7 KDP Backend Keywords – KDP Low Content Book Keyword Strategy

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This is the answer to a question I’ve been asked a number of times and that is – how to fill in the 7 backend keyword boxes on the KDP publishing platform when uploading a no content or low content book. It can be tricky to decide what to put in these boxes, whether phrases or single words. In this video I explain how I fill in the 7 keyword boxes which works well in the sales of my books. I show you what to put in the boxes from your list of keywords and I also show you a neat trick to discover what other publishers also use in the backend of their KDP uploads.

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About this video – This video shows you how to fill in the backend 7 keyword boxes on the KDP publishing platform for no content and low content books.

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