How To Add Frames To Etsy Printables And Quotes

It’s easy to add frames to your Etsy quotes and printables with the tips I give in this guide.

I also have for you my recent method to make and sell printables online.

All you need to do is fire-up your Canva and upload the frames you got from Pixabay.

Then you just enlarge your printables to fit the frames, it really is that easy.

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Are You Your Business?

No one is their business. I’ve occasionally heard folks say (foolishly in my opinion) that ‘I am my business.’ Those who believe this, even if said in jest, lose sight of the fact that without them, their business can’t function and has no value; in fact, is not truly a business at all. These folks typically make choices that serve their ego before serving their business.

Benefits of Owning Your Own Business

Tired of having to punch a time clock? Tired of having to miss special events and occasions? Tired of working strange hours, weekends, holidays- or for that matter- having to get up and go to work on any given day?

Note To Self, Stay Focused

Procrastination is the enemy of every person that wants to succeed. Of course, we all wish that focus was, in turn, our friend, but in fact it can be incredibly difficult to remain focused on our goals, especially when it does not feel that we are getting anywhere. This is particularly true in business, when sometimes an idea could take months, if not years for any fruit to be seen

An Open Letter to All New Entrepreneurs

Setting up in business is an adventure, and like all adventures it involves a lot of hard work and a measure of risk. That risk is both financial and reputational. May I say from the outset, that as long as your financial risk is limited to what you can afford to lose, reputational risk can be the more devastating of the two.

Get Clear On WHY You’re in Business

Your “WHY” is the motivation for what you do. It’s the engine that drives you. Clarity around the real reason you’re in business is the fuel that keeps you going when running your business gets rough. If you’re not clear on WHY you’re in business, you have two problems.

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