How to Add a Gutter Margin to a PDF in Adobe Acrobat

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Use Adobe Acrobat to add a gutter margin to a PDF. This is useful when merging multiple PDF files, such as KDP low-content interior templates, where you might not have the original editable files. Adding a gutter keeps your content from being hidden by the binding and expands your writing area. Note, this should only be done on files that do not have bleed.

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That Was Easy, Let’s Do It Again!

Remember: Making money doesn’t make you smart. Serial entrepreneurship is not easy. The first time may be your only time. Before you throw energy and money into a new venture, ask yourself a few important questions. I call it the Encore Performance Checklist. If you are determined to boast that you are a serial entrepreneur, not just a successful entrepreneur; then ask yourself these questions before you get started on your next venture:

How to Improve Your Capacity for Reasoning

As a women entrepreneur, using the right approach to reasoning helps you arrive at conclusions that will enable you to take positive actions. According to author Robert Froman, the basic rules of reasoning pertain to the following processes: gathering facts, inductive reasoning, and deductive reasoning.

Real Life Story: Things Not to Say Out Loud

When you are finally sitting down at the bank and reviewing your impressive and irresistible business plan, please be careful what you say. These people are not your new best friends, regardless of how friendly and helpful they all seem. Remember: Their interest is to avoid any risk of losing their funds and to make money on you. Your objective is to build their confidence in the plan and your ability to deliver. PLEASE, AVOID admissions that do not help your cause with bankers, investors or potential strategic partners.

Evaluating a New Business Idea Before Writing a Business Plan

Many budding entrepreneurs cultivate ideas for a business and as they share their idea with friends and family, their enthusiasm grows. When they eventually realize they need help, their passion for conquering the world in their chosen domain is intense. Ready to charge and knock down anything in their way, their minds are not open to suggestions that appear to slow them down. This is often true even if the suggested action is precisely what is required for them to succeed.

Is It Possible to Start a Business When You Have Personal Bad Credit?

Is it possible to obtain business funding with personal bad credit? Short answer, yes! Believe or not there are ways in which to obtain funding for your business.

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