HOT KDP Workbook Niche Explored – Profitable Learning Activity Low Content Books for Kids

HOT KDP Kids Learning Books Explored – Profitable Activity Low Content Books for Kids

With the current world situation Kids KDP activity books and in particular workbooks and learning books are incredibly hot at the moment and account for some of the biggest sales on Amazon at present. now is the time to get into this niche, especially as it shows no signs of slowing down. I explore this niche in depth and look at all the high selling sub-niches including letter tracing books, number tracing books, handwriting books and ABC coloring books. The potential profits are huge and these types of books are not difficult to create. In fact I show you a free online resource for graphics to go in these types of activity and coloring books.

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About this video – This video explores a hot KDp activity book niche – Childrens’ learning books and workbooks.


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