Here Is Why Selling Printables Online Is a Great Niche – Day 2

Selling printables online is a great niche because you don’t have to ship anything. Everything is digital and ready for the customer after purchase.

In day 3, I’m going to reveal how I go about finding niches and products ideas that I can create printables for.

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Stepping Into Your Entrepreneur Spotlight

As much as you may want to experience and enjoy the freedoms that come with being a business owner, there’s one thing that might be stopping you: perhaps you haven’t fully stepped into your entrepreneur “spotlight” yet. What do I mean by the entrepreneur spotlight? Being in the entrepreneur spotlight is about two things:

UnBoundRVA: How Two Young Entrepreneurs From Richmond Created a Transformative Social Venture

Sometimes It Seems Hopeless… “I was living in an apartment with people I had known less than twenty days, sleeping on a half-inflated air mattress in a room that was flea infested, and I spent pretty much the entire time intoxicated. I had no money, no car and no desire to keep living,” shares John. John was born in Richmond and at a young age quickly discovered alcohol. He lost his job, his house, and his hope. Then, when he hit rock bottom, he realized that there was no way out but to change course entirely. He made the leap and signed up for a homeless shelter known for its work fighting addictions. That’s when Caritas, a charity supporting the homeless, took the note of his audacity to do anything to stop his own self-destruction.

The Four Basic Rules for Personal and Professional Success

Do You Follow These Rules of the Road for Success? Here are some basic but overlooked recommendations about living life, doing business, and earning and keeping personal and professional credibility. Four “rules of the road,” if you will.

15 Things That Successful People Do at the Beginning of the Day

Most people who gain success usually do it because they have very good habits and this is the thing that really separates them from the rest. We are going to talk about 15 of the most important things that all successful people do when they start each day.

New Strategy Phobia

Over time I became skeptical of trying new systems, strategies and technologies in my business. I didn’t want to be that person who jumped on every new thing the experts promised would make me a million dollars… and wind up broke and disappointed.

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