Free KDP Low Content Book Course Plus Bamboo Mountain Adventure

Finding low content book niches on Amazon is a lot like looking for bamboo shoot on a mountain in a dense bamboo forest.

It might not be obvious at first but if you’re patient and you do proper low content niche research then you can find ‘easy to dominate’ niches.

Book Bolt review plus bonuses –

Kidz Puzzle Book Review –

How To Make And Sell POD Products For Free In 2020 –

Puzzle Book Mastery Review –

How To Make And Sell low content Mazes Online –

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How to Capitalize on the 3 Cs to Grow Your Business

Three things that are integral to the success of a business, revolving around a central theme of building relationships with colleagues, clients, supporters, and friends. These three will help grow, stabilize, and sustain your flourishing business.

How An Entrepreneur Should Approach An Investor

An entrepreneur needs to approach an investor as a long-term partner, not as a bank and another draw-down facility. An entrepreneur needs to be passionate and convey a vision. The investor presentation must be professional and succinct, and must be used to emphasise or illustrate a point rather than make the point in the first place. Your ultimate goal is to have an interactive discussion with a potential investor and not merely deliver a presentation by rote.

8 Essential Keys to Transform Creativity Into Online Success

So you have done the hardest part of all – being creative and have gotten good at it. The next part is also tricky, taking your work public and offering it for sale. There are entrepreneurial strategies which are specific to entering the online marketplace.

The Cloud

The Cloud has its advantages and disadvantages, its advocates and its critics, but the concept has the power to change the way we run our businesses. It is much too important to be ignored. As a general rule IT punishes early entrants and late adopters. The trick is to watch developments and adopt new technologies as soon as the initial problems have been ironed out.

Entrepreneurship Decline – Is It Removing One Rung From Your Ladder?

Recent studies show a decline in entrepreneurship. Doesn’t the dearth of new business start-ups cripple middle-class upward mobility? What lessons can we learn from this risk adverse twist in our society and how can existing and new businesses profit from this trend.

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