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My Coloring Book Pattern Packs (Bronze, Silver, and Gold)
These are my designs from my professional designer (I own the commercial rights to these) Pick them up for pennies compared to what I paid for them 🙂
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My Awesome Coloring Book Tutorials
How to Make Quotes Coloring Pages in PowerPoint

How to Make Coloring Pages in Picmonkey

How to Make a Coloring Book in PowerPoint

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In this video I show you my unique and exclusive coloring book background patterns that I am offering you for a great price. This will speed up the coloring book creation process for you! check them out!

Guide to Start-Up Capital Funding

You have a great idea and you think it could be the next ‘GROUPON’, everyone around you heard about your idea and they are excited. But suddenly, you realised, you do not have enough money to start the business rolling and operational for the 12 months. Fret not, with all the hype about start-up nowadays, you are able to seek funding for your business easily if you just know where to look. Here are some tips and suggestions to rising funding for your start-up.

Is an MBA Required to Be an Entrepreneur?

I went to a top tier business school, and learned some incredible lessons. You don’t need that information to be a successful business owner, though.

3 Steps to Being Consistent With Your Business Tasks

We all know that the world today is extremely fast-paced. That’s why we build all these technologies and have all new job designations than ever before. With numerous new functions and responsibilities tied to job roles, it’s often difficult to keep up with our business tasks.

You Don’t Have To Settle!

You don’t have to settle. You can have business success AND love – you don’t have to “choose” between work and a man.

Do Women’s Unconscious Beliefs About Career Advancement Hold Them Back From Reaching The Top?

It has been proposed that unconscious biases influence our actions every day, even when – by definition – we don’t notice them. These biases are shaped by our experiences and cultural norms and, as a result, they filter information which sometimes draws us to make quick decisions. Deferring to intuition as the rationale for a quick decision is thought to lead us astray, especially when it leads us to misjudge people. Unconscious bias by those hiring has also been offered up as part of the rationale for this female gap in leadership. It does however, bring up the issue of the part of our female thinking that we can be responsible for – our own thoughts. How do we begin to undo some of this unconsciously biased style of thinking that supports women not being in leadership?

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