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I like to create notebooks with special features – not just blank lined pages.

For example, these notebook have an inspirational quote to motivate and encourage on every page. There is also addition space in the notebook to write down and crystalize the following questions: What is your WHY? What are your daily affirmations? What are you grateful for? What are the loves of your life? It also has pages to set targets and three monthly goals.

I put this notebook together to inspire people to plan, motivate, and take action. Maybe they will, or maybe they’ll just use it as a notebook. We don’t know.

But the fact is, notebooks sell and make money on Amazon. Woop!

Communication Keeps Your Business on Target

Entrepreneurs face unique challenges that leaders in larger, established organizations do not. One of the primary initial challenges is the design of the organization chart. It may be that on day one, every box on the chart has just one name in it. Entrepreneurs are often advised to make sure they hire others to do work that does not match their talents or status as the CEO of a business.

Influencing Without Positional Power

One thing you learn quickly as an entrepreneur when you run your own business is that positional power doesn’t actually carry the weight you think it should sometimes. When you need to mobilize resources from across your organization to achieve your business objectives, you can’t just be “the boss”-you must have influence. Influence can be defined as: “the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone or something, or the effect itself.”

Feeling Entrepreneurial? Look Before You Leap

Many people dream about starting a business, but it’s a big step that requires serious planning and preparation. Additionally, venturing out on your own can have major implications on your financial situation. Those who decide to walk away from the security of a steady job to the world of entrepreneurship find that they are moving to something that is very different, yet new and exciting.

Top Online Projects That Turned Out to Be Great Business Investments

Most of the online businesses that have transformed into a great business investment were once started in difficult situations and with a limited amount of resources. But, the things that these businesses had were brilliant and innovative ideas and a lot of conviction.

True Success – Intellectual Property

True success is never defined properly. In life there are many ways to become the best you can be in life. What is true success? Well, something you can pass down for generations.

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