Effective KDP Low Content Book Marketing Strategies to Create High Volume Sales

Effective KDP Low Content Book Marketing Strategies to Create High Volume Sales

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How is it that some authors and publishers can get consistent high sales on the low content books they publish? Is it just Amazon Ads or is it something else? In this video I explore the KDP marketing strategies top selling publishers employ to get their books ranked on Amazon and make consistent high volume sales. Once you know the secret it is relatively easy to use the same tactics and strategies on your own books and increase your KDP royalties. It does take some work and commitment but the rewards are there for those who follow the plan. These same tactics have been used by Merch sellers also to achieve regular high volume sales.

Tools and Resources I use:

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Book Bolt (Use paul20 to get 20% OFF): https://bit.ly/3jY7K2L

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About this video – This video looks at how to create an effective KDP Marketing Strategy to increase low content book sales and create a passive income.

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