Creating a PDF Book Cover on Canva for Amazon KDP – with Spine Text!

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This video shows you how to create a high resolution PDF for the cover of a paperback book to upload at Amazon KDP for sale in Amazon around the world. This is using the FREE version of Canva, you only need to make an account. This process will create a cover PDF for upload at KDP so you can sell the paperback on Amazon.

26 Signs You’re a Caged Entrepreneur

Are you restless? Do you feel you haven’t found what you are looking for, but you don’t know what that is? Do you always feel that there is something else you should be doing?

Bad Managers Breed Bad Businesses

The Exxon Valdez didn’t run aground because of the Italian cook, pesky customers or late deliveries by vendors. It ran aground because of the captain making bad decisions. Your business is no different.

The Art of Waiting for Entrepreneurs

Waiting can be one of the most difficult and even unpleasant experiences in life. It doesn’t matter what the amount of time is involved. The only thing that really matters is the reason for the wait. In this article, you will find a more active form of waiting that perhaps is a better explanation, that of a healthy balance of action and contemplation that gives us the liberty to step up and stand down when our intuitive nature determines which response is appropriate.

Spend More, Make More

There is nothing that can bring up the money gremlins faster than shelling out a big wad of dough that you weren’t expecting. Here are some famous expense triggers in a business: A big tax bill – An independent contractor who goes way over budget – A book, website, copywriting, or product production that involves more than you thought – In reality, this is the nature of business. But most of these experiences could be forecast with clear communication, contracts and research before it gets to…

When to Spend Money

No matter how much money you have in your possession, decisions involving money can be exhausting. Some decisions you make might feel good in the moment, but feel bad later. Sometimes you may say “no” to a purchase or investment thinking that you’ll wait until a later date, and then arrive at the later date wishing you’d done it earlier.

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