Creating a KDP Cover Template in Canva

If you can’t afford Photoshop or other professional graphic design software, you can create your KDP Paperback book cover for free using Canva. Here’s how to save time by creating a reusable cover template file with objects for your book title, author, and spine text.

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Over Confidence and Entrepreneurs

When my clients ask me “what is the biggest obstacle founders face?”, I always give them one-word answer “overconfidence”. In my experience, ungrounded intuition and overconfident beliefs have often been the root of poor decision making.

Establish a Routine to Improve Performance

Entrepreneurs must deal with a wide array of tasks and decisions each day, varying in significance from impressing investors to checking social media interactions. Many creative entrepreneurs bristle at the suggestion of establishing a routine. They suggest that a routine will stifle creativity, suppress ideas and interrupt important creative and problem-solving processes. Unfortunately, by not establishing a routine for all of the mundane and regular activities that require a decision and action each day, the entrepreneur overloads his or her creative and problem-solving brainpower with a mix of mundane tasks and activities that are more important.

Revitalization of a Small Town in America

An idea to help revitalize an economically depressed town. This type of idea has been used in many other towns in America.

Crawford Collins Speaks on Success and Meeting Richard Branson

Canadian Social Media Influencer Crawford Collins speaks on success and meeting Richard Branson. He also speaks on being an emotionally mature entrepreneur at age 18.

Why More Millennials Aren’t Pursuing Their Entrepreneurial Dreams

As an owner of multiple small businesses at the age of 20, I’ve wondered why more of my peers are not also business owners selling products that they are passionate about. After doing extensive social research, I’ve come up with quite an obvious yet not so obvious answer that lurks deep in the middle class mindset and has perhaps been engrained for decades. To get right to the point, the middle class mindset is not in favor of entrepreneurship. In fact, the middle class mindset widely supports quite the opposite.

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