Create with Me: Designing and Uploading a Low-Content Book for KDP

Are you interested in making money by publishing no-content and low-content books on KDP, but don’t know how to start? Look over my shoulder as I create a simple mileage log book to publish on KDP, from creating the page layout to adding in a premade template to creating the cover and then uploading it for publishing.

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/// Commercial-friendly interior templates ///

/// Technology + Art + Education = The Geek You Need ///
I provide on-demand technology support and training to freelancers, small businesses, and schools. I specialize in creating and publishing digital content that accessible, useful, and beautiful.

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Blocking Your Potential, What’s Blocking Your Potential As an Entrepreneur?

What’s blocking your potential as an entrepreneur? So many of us think that being your own boss, setting your own schedule, and making your own money from your own clients is the way to go. However, we block our own success because we still have an employee mindset. Discover how you overcome these blocks in this short article.

Do You Have What It Takes To Be An Entrepreneur?

How did the USA become a global power in such a short period of time? Discover how a job is created through the story of Henry Ford, and learn the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs.

Turn Your Business (and Speaking) Around

The fact is, how we feel about ourselves has a direct impact on our business. If we feel good, we tend to do more that’s good for our bottom line. We also tend to have a better mindset. When all is said and done, it’s our mindset that either moves us forward or stops us in our tracks. Enjoy this article and find out how I have been shattering stereotypes.

Become a Successful Entrepreneur

Yes, you too can become a successful entrepreneur. It may not seem easy, and it isn’t, but it is possible.

Stay Focused With an Accountability Coach

A new entrepreneur starting up a first business is often required to learn and embed new behaviors to marshal the business from idea to launch and beyond. The switch from idea generation and evaluation mode to constructive project management to develop products, marketing, teams and partnerships requires an entirely different skill set. All entrepreneurs, and in fact all business leaders, can benefit greatly from a team of advisers available to consult on various subjects at any time. One special adviser can make a huge difference in keeping the entrepreneur focused on productive execution of the plan – that is, an accountability coach.

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