Create Stripe Backgrounds For Printables On Canva – Easy Canva Tutorials

In this Canva tutorial, I go over how to create stripe backgrounds for printables.

If you want to learn what is a printable and how I sell them online then learn more about it here:

Printables are just another digital product that you can create for your niche audience. Canva is a great resource to create printable products. You can sell your printables on Etsy or on your own eCommerce site.

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Education In Today’s Society

The role education plays today, in comparison of what it played in the past. In addition seeing if it has changed for the better, worse, or same.

Do You Take Your Business Personally?

We are people who have lives, who love and care for others. As humans we are compassionate, thoughtful and we have feelings. So how can we take the feelings out of business? We can’t. We can, however, take the negativity out of it.

Navigating The Entrepreneurial Food Chain

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Sue the Rascals! Be A Plaintiff in Court Without The Services Of A Lawyer

It’s the cost of litigation that gives the big guys the advantage in such disputes and disagreements. Although the court system of America is “not user friendly”, it provides a most useful weapon with which an average person, with limited means, can challenge the big corporation which display little, if any concern for truth and fairness. These giant monster sized companies can be forced to defend their capricious offers in the would-be victim’s hometown. The use of Small Claims Court is not for everybody, of course, but it exists for those individuals who feel themselves able to present a good presentation-in open court.

Ways to Be Unstoppable, Part 2

21 Steps to being unstoppable. When each of these steps are mastered and used on a daily basis within your life and your businesses, successes results are undeniable.

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