Create Quote Coloring Book in Canva – KDP Low Content Publishing

These are my designs from my professional designer (I own the commercial rights to these) Pick them up for pennies compared to what I paid for them 🙂
The Gold Pack has done for you PowerPoint Templates – Start Publishing Coloring books today!


My Awesome Coloring Book Tutorials
How to Make Quotes Coloring Pages in PowerPoint

How to Make Coloring Pages in Picmonkey

How to Make a Coloring Book in PowerPoint

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In this video I show you how you can use Canva to create a pattern and text based coloring book. There are many tools to create coloring books and I want to show you all of them. Canva is simple to use.

Create Quote Coloring Book in Canva – KDP Low Content Publishing

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What Can You Release – So You Can Really Focus?

Is your to-do list a mile long? When there is more on your plate than you can handle – and honestly, when isn’t there? – what you need is a “go-to” plan. You need to create an environment (in your head) that will allow you to focus and get your projects initiated, implemented, and finalized.

Grow Your Business By Just Saying No

I was at the gym recently and one of my friends turned to me and said, “Carrie, I need you to write about change.” She was finding that she was no longer satisfied with the decisions she felt she was being forced to make out of habit and to meet of other people’s expectations. It got me thinking about business.

Tip From an Entrepreneur – Get Yourself an Office

One of the most important lessons I learned the hard way is that if you have at least one employee or there are two or more of you in an organization, that an office is a requirement. There are business incubators that offer a variety of office packages, including a single office, with a phone, and that will give you a mailing address. Reasons You Need to Get an Office: Accountability – You will have a much better idea of how long people are working, and what they’re up to.

Why Take Risk As an Entrepreneur?

Risk taking is probably one of the least favorite parts about going into business. But as in every life venture that can bring huge benefits, it is inevitable and ever present. So why are starting and seasoned entrepreneurs willing to bet at high stakes?

Happiness = Realtiy – Expectations

According to the formula (Happiness = Reality – Expectations), a failsafe way of sustaining high happiness levels is to maintain low expectations. This formula suggests that one’s happiness levels are inversely proportional to one’s expectations. So if you have low expectations you can’t, in reality, help but be happy for any over-delivery. It also suggests that by setting up your subconscious for poor or substandard outcomes, you will be happy with your current reality. However, we know most people are not happy with their current reality and often want more or better in their life.

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