Create Notebook Interiors For Amazon and CreateSpace Using Google Slides


Selling Notebooks & Low Content Paperback Books On Amazon
Easily upload notebooks and sell them on Amazon. No publishing or design experience necessary.

CREATE 6×9, Letter size, or any size notebook or low content book on Amazon by creating the interior with Google Slides.

Should You Incorporate My Business?

Once you begin working for yourself either as a contractor, consultant, self-employed person or small business owner, the question will arise: Should I incorporate my business? There are three major questions to ask: Are there tax advantages to incorporating? What are the costs and benefits of a corporation? Are there legal or other liabilities that a corporation can protect compared to personal assets?

Do the Jobs Way

Why having a role model becomes so important? According to me, a person’s chosen role model defines a person’s personality and his priorities in life, because his role model is his reflection in a way. Subconsciously, the admirer decides his epitome in life, career, choices etc. based on his role model. There can be many role models for one individual. One should select his role model with intellect as they serve as guiding lights illuminating the path to the person you aspire to become. One such person worthy of such emulation is Steve Jobs. Today, through this article, I wish to put together a few of life lessons which I learnt from biographies and interviews of Steve Jobs.

What Happened to FREE ENTERPRISE?

Why are so many people starting their own business? People are broke, busted, and disgusted. Entrepreneurship is on the rise and it’s easier than you think to make money on your own.

A Price For A Speedy Rise

Nothing good comes easy. I am sure you must have heard that quite a good number of times. As an entrepreneur, you must be ready to put your resources on the line to promote your course.

What You Knead to Know Before You Start at Home

Lots of aspiring bakers with visions of dollar signs and croissants, fueled by dreams of Food Network stardom, start baking businesses each year across America. Many of these startup bakeries begin in home based kitchens. For the most part, this is a viable way to start a business with little capital investment.

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