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CREATE A COLORING BOOK WITH YOUR OWN ART AND SELL IT ON AMAZON KDP / If you’re an illustrator or other type of visual artist, or perhaps you just like to draw or get creative in general, then you might be interested in learning ways to monetize your art skills.

In today’s video I’m going to show you how you can take your original works of art and use them to create a coloring book in Affinity Designer, either for your own personal use, a gift, or a money-making asset that you can sell on a self-publishing platform such as Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing Platform.



Niche Research 1: 6 Ways to Come Up With Low-Content Book Ideas:

Niche Research 2: How to Validate Your Low-Content Book Idea Using Amazon:

Niche Research 3: Keyword Research Tips:

How to Create a Coloring Book From Scratch Using Free Tools:

How to Make Your Own Book Cover in Under 10 Minutes, Using Canva:

How to Create a Book Cover in Affinity Publisher:



Affinity Designer:

Adobe Illustrator:!3085!3!442365417815!e!!g!!adobe%20illustrator&gclid=CjwKCAjwps75BRAcEiwAEiACMcOFeLmFdhacDG4_6dBb2d1HDXhYL7T8Xy2NVxO1nqX1E4vROFO8uxoCeUIQAvD_BwE

Gravit (Free option available):

Inkscape (free; best for PCs):






Affinity Publisher:

Adobe InDesign:!3085!3!442365417839!e!!g!!adobe%20indesign&gclid=CjwKCAjwps75BRAcEiwAEiACMceFHqm9m7eLEB-5SvrMHnjmu4Or9wLahx1l8zAh1r23heKqel9U9RoC6jMQAvD_BwE



Publisher Rocket: https://54007–


3 Steps to Publishing Your First Low-Content Book in Less Than a Day:



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