Cool KDP Puzzle Books Niche Research – Profitable Low Content Book Publishing to Make Money at Home

Cool KDP Puzzle Books Niche Research – Profitable Low Content Book Publishing to Make Money at Home

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Puzzle books on Amazon are a crazy profitable niche, perfect if you are looking to make money at home with your laptop or computer. In this video I research the KDP puzzle book niche, looking at potential profitability, competition, tools to make the interiors and the all important keywords to make sure your books are found on Amazon. Puzzle books are relatively easy to produce and provide a long term sustainable passive income if you target the niche correctly.

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About this video – This video looks at KDP puzzle books and researches this profitable niche, perfect if you are looking to make money online.

5 Steps To Becoming An Online Entrepreneur

Have you ever thought about becoming an online entrepreneur? If you’re resourceful, willing to learn new skills and feel that there is something more than what you are doing in your current job then this could be the right path for you. Here are 5 steps you need to take to become an online entrepreneur.

We Need the Weird, Not the Best

The best” describes someone who conforms to rules and expectations more closely than others. “The best” does a masterful job of performing their task according to the rules of the day. They colour inside the lines perfectly. In business, however, conformance to a set of rules or a set of standard operating rules does not guarantee success. When organizations conform, they all look alike; they are all the same. They all are members of the herd who are indistinguishable from one another and struggle to gain competitive advantage. Successful organizations need weird people, not policy or rule followers…

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Everyone’s personal initiative is dearer to themselves. On the same note, every entrepreneur’s enterprise is very much dear to him/her. They always keep thinking of ideas that would develop their business, widen their product market, increase their client base, and convert customers to loyal ones.

Build a High Performing Business by a Consistent Focus on Employee Performance

Performance reviews provide a mechanism to evaluate employee accomplishments and behaviors during the year. This includes areas for improvement, promotion opportunities and supporting decisions for salary adjustments. In addition, the performance review process establishes objectives for the next year and a continuous program for reviewing progress and adjusting priorities. A continual focus on performance is crucial to building a productive and profitable business for the long term.

Uncovering the Hidden Opportunities for Your Business

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