Cool Amazon KDP Coloring Books – Keywords and Interiors to Make Money Online with Publishing

Cool Amazon KDP Coloring Books – Keywords and Interiors to Make Money Online with Publishing

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KDP coloring books are one of the most profitable low content book niches on Amazon. They are more difficult to create than many low content books but the potential profits are immense. Coloring books are popular with all age groups and represent a very broad market on Amazon. If you’re a graphic designer or illustrator they are the ideal opportunity to make money with your art. But don’t worry if you’re not as I show you ways to create the interiors of KDP coloring books that can be published to Amazon in no time. I walk you through the essential keywords that are the cornerstone to creating profits on Amazon and getting your coloring books found on the platform.

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About this video – This video shows you how to make money with art by publishing KDP coloring books on Amazon..


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