Canva Tutorial On How To Make Printable Packages And Sets

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Here is a simple Canva tutorial on making printable packages and sets using the Canva interface.

It’s super easy to add multiple printables to one pdf file.

The added bonus to this, is that you can charge more and hit higher price points because of the added benefit to your customer.

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7 Reasons Every Smart Entrepreneur SHOULD Write A Book

Business owners and entrepreneurs are almost ready made authors. You already have content – you use it every day to run, organize, market and promote your business. Also, a book makes an unforgettable business card and is a great networking tool. Here are seven reasons for establishing your expertise through a book:

The Three ‘B’s of Business

Technology comes and goes, but there are basic skills that every new entrepreneur needs to master. They have all been with us for many years: unchanged – none of them are new or trendy. Businesses survive with owners who blunder along without them, but most fail to prosper. Ignoring the problem places a burden on the business that it likely to weigh it down with unnecessary ballast.

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Checklist: The Ten Commandments For The Rookie Entrepreneur

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