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Don’t Make This Mistake – No. 4

Once you have a system in place for generating leads with an enticing offer, and regularly communicating with them, you may think that this is all you need to be successful. But it isn’t if you are making this mistake: charging by the hour instead of the package. This is another mistake many coaches make, especially when just starting out.

Don’t Make This Mistake! – No. 3

Many online business owners spend a lot of money, time and effort, driving traffic to their site for the purpose of building their list. But one mistake that is made is that they don’t have a system for keeping in touch with the people on their list.

Don’t Make This Mistake! – No. 2

A mistake coaches make that I see all the time is that they set up a great website with attractive graphics and compelling content, but they don’t have any method for capturing leads. There’s only one way to have repeated contact with a potential client from your website, and that’s to have an opt-in box so visitors can get on your list.

Don’t Make This Mistake! – No. 1

When you discover how you can take advantage of your uniqueness you are on your way to attract clients who will be thrilled to have found you and want to work with you.Almost every brick and mortar business owner will tell you that it would be foolish to open a business without first doing extensive market research. The same applies to an online business. Here are several elements of market research that every coach should explore.

Grow Your Coaching Business With JV Partners

One of the fastest ways to grow you business is to find people to joint venture with. There a number of ways you can use a JV partnership to build your business—even if you’re just starting out and have no list. Here are my 5 favorite ways to joint venture.

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