Amazon Merch: My Sales Figures & Getting Tiered Up to 500 Tier

Full Merch course: Merch by Amazon Getting Tiered Up to 500 Tier

Can a Law Firm Practice Conscious Capitalism?

Conscious Capitalism has been a hot trend in the business community for years. Can this trend spread to the legal industry? This article briefly discusses what Conscious Capitalism is and how it can be practiced in the legal industry.

A Focus on Quality Series: A Spotlight on Social Entrepreneurship

This article is adapted from a speech on the subject of Entrepreneurial studies. Social entrepreneurship is an important component of business.

Five Ways to Write Better Emails! Increase Your Productivity and Unclutter Your Inbox

Emails are without a doubt, one of the most effective ways to communicate and a valuable collaboration tool. And for start ups it’s even more important as improper crafting of emails can lead to an unnecessary confusion and resentment between senders and receivers. A recent survey was done by Sendmail, Inc suggests that while 92% of users said that emails are an important tool, but at the same time 64% of them said that it also more than often generates unintended anger or confusion. Statistics that are even more hysterical are the ones published by Pulp-PR, which suggested that businesses worldwide suffer, a total of $650 billion in losses due to unnecessary emails.

From Being Robbed to an Empire of Rs. 30 Crore – The Inspiring Tale of Prem Ganapathy

This is a tale of an entrepreneur who came to the city of dreams “Mumbai” to support his family and faced a setback on his very first encounter with a Mumbaikar. Mr. Prem Ganapathy completed his education up to class 10 in Nagalapuram in Tamil Nadu’s Tuticorin district. He did have ambitions to study further, but since he had to support his family, which comprised of his parents and seven siblings he had to go to Chennai for work. All he managed there were odd jobs that fetched him around Rs. 250 each month, which he would send back home.

The Nomadic Worker’s Mobile Office

Many people dream of working when they want and where they want, but is this really possible? Can you fit your office into a small bag and still remain in contact with your office? Can you run a business from the beach, a coffee shop or hotel room? Certainly you can and here is how you set up your office.

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