Amazon Expert Answers Your Top Questions On How To Sell On Amazon KDP, Merch And FBA

In this video myself, the Amazon Expert Answers Your Top Questions On How To Sell On Amazon KDP, Merch And FBA

No question is left unanswered and no stone is left unturned.

I answer your most intimate questions on how to do things better in the world of Amazon or insights that not many sellers actually know.

The most common question asked this week had to do with the top tools to use for Amazon.

And the second most popular question this week had to do with keyword strategy.

We also take a quick tour of my beautiful balcony looking over the Miami coast.

All that and a heck of a lot more.
Let me know what you think.

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Entrepreneurial Kit

Do you know that the economic system is fast demanding entrepreneurship? Recession prompts a direct inclination toward entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is the act of setting up businesses or ventures with the aim of making profit.

Competitive Advantage

Everyone has competitors. Do you know yours? You need to understand what gives her an edge over you. It’s probably just customer service, a better knowledge of the product or service, promo given to customers etc. You can achieve this by paying a visit to your competitor as a potential customer. Now you must learn to focus on your own advantage eventually. There is something that other business is doing that you are not doing, locate it and focus on it. Small businesses fail to compete against bigger firms because they want to compete with the bigger firm on what the big firm is known for. They do not have to do that, they will continue to fail if they do that.

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