Amazing Mazes KDP Activity Book Niche – Make Money With Maze Low Content Puzzle Books

Amazing Mazes KDP Activity Book Niche – Make Money With Maze Low Content Puzzle Books

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KDP Activity books are extremely popular and profitable on Amazon and rank among the best sellers all year round. I look at maze books, a very lucrative sub niche of the KDp puzzle book niche. I assess the niche to assess profitability, show you how to make your own maze book interiors and then show you how I do maze book keyword research to find the most profitable and least competitive keywords in their niche. I give example of some very profitable keywords. This information can easily be used to create maze puzzle books of your own to publish on Amazon and bring in royalties. You’ll be aMAZED with this video.

88 Maze Book Keywords:

Maze Generator:

Tools and Resources I use:

Creative Fabrica:
Publisher Rocket: https://marlcb–
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About this video – This video shows how I assess the niche and keywords of KDP Maze Books and show you how to create the interiors of these KDP activity books to produce your own and publish on Amazon..


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