5 Reasons You’re NOT Making KDP Sales with No Content and Low Content Books

5 Reasons You’re NOT Making KDP Sales with No Content and Low Content Books

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A common question I get asked is, ‘Why am I not making any sales?’ An understandable question as KDP publishing is a business and a business about making money online and creating a passive income. But there are many variables that go into making sales and, essential, Sales = Traffic + Conversions. So I look at and discuss the 5 common reasons why you’re not making sales with your no content and low content books. Some of the reasons are obvious and some are subtle, so it is worthwhile watching this video, taking notes of the common causes and then analysing your own business to see where improvements can be made to bring in those all important KDP book sales. Essentially it is looking at how you can increase traffic and conversions.

Tools and Resources I use:

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About this video – This video looks at the 5 common reasons why you’re not making any sales with your KDP low content book publishing business and how to increase conversions and get traffic.

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