5 More Profitable Low-Content Books to Try

Hello friends! Welcome to the Low-Content Publishing For Beginners Video Series.

As a follow up to a previous post (and because you all asked for it!), I wanted to delve a bit further into the various types of low-content books that are out there and potentially worth pursuing as you get more and more comfortable creating more complex interiors.

With this particular mix, some of them are most definitely more labour-intensive than others, and there are a wide range of possibilities within each type. And as always, the further you niche-down, targeting as specific a consumer as you can find, the likelier you are to uncover an untapped niche and experience success.

To follow along, viewing examples of each book, check out this post on my blog:


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Inkscape: https://inkscape.org
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Vectr: https://vectr.com/


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