3 Printable Background Templates You Can Use For Your Etsy Store Or Woocommerce Store

Today I have for you three printable template backgrounds that have made me over 300 bucks in passive profits. I want to give them to you to see what amazing printables you will come up with.

These templates are free and are bundled with Printly course: https://www.internetmarketinggym.com/87-percent-more-with-very-little-work/

It is super important that you realize all of my successful printable product ideas never come from what I think will be successful. Rather, they come from what people are actively searching for on sites like Etsy, Google and Pinterest.

I teach people how to do the same using the Printly method.

My Pinterest:

Selling a Business – A Profitable Experience

Over the past few years we have seen quite a few huge companies sell their business or part of their business. Most of us remember the recent acquisitions: WhatsApp and Instagram sold to Facebook; Tumblr to Yahoo; Waze, Picasa and QuickOffice to Google; Nokia and Dell to Microsoft, and the list just goes on even beyond the technology department.

Dealing With The Loneliness Of Working At Home

MANY ENTREPRENEURS DREAM OF CUTTING THE 9 TO 5 WORK STRINGS AND WORKING AT HOME. What they fail to consider are the drawbacks that come with doing so. Sure, there is the freedom to create your own schedule, but it can also mean a high level of isolation. While everything seems great at first, the bloom can soon wear off the rose with no-one to interact with. All the things that you took for granted in your “real job” are gone when you work from home. There are no casual chats by the water tower and no brainstorming sessions with co-workers. Women in particular seem to struggle with that isolation as it is they who hold relationships in a higher regard. Studies have actually shown that women have a real fear of isolation, more so than anything else. It’s that sense of loneliness that is the number one reason women quit their home business. There are solutions to the problem though, and here are a few that may help.

How to Get Recurring Income for Your Computer Repair Business

Unless you like to live paycheck-to-paycheck, setting up recurring revenue for your computer repair business is a must. Without it, your income is not predictable and it is difficult to plan for the future of your business. Without this I would not have been able to quit my job to start working for myself.

How Smart People Make Money, Grow Rich and Wealthy

Make lots of money, retire early, lead a good life! It’s a dream. But how many of us are able to live our dream? Not many surely. Sadly, most of us have to work for endless hours just to make both ends meet. And there are those who have to work even on weekends. What a shame!

The Entrepreneur’s Starting Point

Every entrepreneur will be more than aware that in starting a new business – as in running it – time is money, so we don’t want to waste it on undirected thinking and planning. Our Triage process is designed to occupy no more than two full working days.

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