#2 – Creating a Cursive Handwriting KDP Interior with FREE Font – the $15000 Golden Niche

#2 – Creating a Cursive Handwriting KDP Interior with FREE Font – the $15000 Golden Niche

The first Cursive Handwriting video in this series: https://youtu.be/U2H673lbr7Q

Book Bolt (Use paul20 to get 20% OFF): https://bookbolt.io/450.html

Cursive Handwriting Book Keywords Gumroad: https://gum.co/SHdCT

Free Learning Curve Font: http://www.bvfonts.com/fonts/details.php?id=76

Creative Fabrica: https://www.creativefabrica.com/ref/379177/

In the follow up to my previous introductory video on the cursive handwriting KDP niche – the market, keywords and potential earnings, I show you how to create the interior. I show you where to find the resources to create quality interiors using the correct fonts. I published a similar video but there was an error regarding the licensing of the font I talked about. So I searched online and found a handwriting cursive font that can be used commercially and is free of charge! Creating quality is vital, especially in this niche, if you want to create books of good quality and create a good online income from you KDP publishing business. The publishing business is no different than any other business in that to make a great income and build a customer base and brand you need to under promise and over deliver to keep customers returning. This niche is particularly strong at the moment due to world events and the fact that kids are going back to school soon. If you want to ocreate and collect royalties to build a passive income online from home with your laptop then make sure you watch the whole video.

Tools and Resources I use:

Publisher Rocket: https://marlcb–rocket.thrivecart.com/publisher-rocket/
Helium 10 (50% off and 10% off Deals): https://crushtrk.com/?a=2011&c=188&p=r&s1=

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About this video – This video looks at a KDP niche that is pure gold in terms of high selling and low competition to create an online income.

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